Departments and Programs

The aerospace degree program includes courses in spacecraft mission design, propulsion, mechanical control systems, system dynamics and controls, orbital mechanics, and power plants, among others.
An individualized interdisciplinary program designed to fill a broad set of educational needs for students pursuing a unique course of study.
By converging engineering, design, and human health, biomedical engineers develop the devices and equipment that improve the quality of life for millions of people.
Chemical and biochemical engineers advance innovation and discovery through technology and physical and life sciences, leaving their imprint on a broad array of industries.
Civil and environmental engineers contribute to the development of a more sustainable infrastructure and environment.
Electrical and computer engineering is a rapidly developing field spanning communications, information processing, and micro- and nano- electronics.
This new interdisciplinary master’s program integrates technology and science with business, IT, public policy, and regulatory study to provide students with the building blocks to succeed in the energy field.
Environmental engineers solve human-related environmental issues by employing the principles of engineering and biotechnology along with the physical, chemical and biological sciences.
Industrial and systems engineering focuses on the design, installation, and integration of people, materials, equipment, and energy in an expansive range of industries.
Generating new materials and new applications to meet the needs of industry and society, materials engineers study the interplay of materials’ structure, performance, properties and synthesis.
Driving industry through the design, production and manufacture of mechanical systems, mechanical engineering is the most broad-based, extending its reach into a wide range of industries.
From manufacturer to consumer, the success of every package demands the skills of a multidisciplinary specialist. Rutgers offers the nation’s only packaging program housed in an engineering school.