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Getting Ready

As you get ready for your first semester we offer many opportunities to smooth the transition.

Summer Squads

Summer Squads offer incoming engineering students the opportunity to start their transition to college the summer before they begin their academic career. Through this program, new students will meet their peers, learn about tools needed to be successful at Rutgers, and be able to ask questions of a student leader who has been in their shoes.  

Summer squads are organized into groups of 25-30 first-year students who meet with a First Year Transition (FYT) Leader (an upper class student) during the summer, twice online and once in-person. Groups are formed using student math placement, which will increase the chance you’ll be meeting people that will be in your fall classes. The first online meeting typically occurs before students attend New Student Orientation (NSO), and the second is held in early August. The final summer squad meeting occurs right before the semester begins (in person), during the big Fall Kickoff event. 

Please email with any questions about this program. 


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Engineering Peer Advisors

First-year Rutgers students should plan to seek out an Engineering Peer Advisor (EPA) when you want a peer’s perspective and guidance about student life, major-related requirements, course descriptions and learning experiences, course planning, campus resource referrals, internships, and tools for career exploration and course registration. Our EPAs have “been there, done that” and can help you get the info you need to thrive at Rutgers. 

From Sept to May bring your questions to our EPAs in person or online. Check your class's Canvas Advising home page or our Instagram (@firstyearrusoe) for semester-specific meeting times and locations.   

To learn more about the EPAs, please go to 

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SoE Events

For a preview of events first-year students may enjoy, please read further: 

SOE Kick Off Event 

First-years (FYs) are invited to start the academic year by attending this fun event held the Friday before classes start. Students meet their Summer Squads in person for a tour, enjoy food, music, games, explore student-led organizations for extra-curricular involvement, resolve any lingering schedule issues by meeting with on-site advisors, and more.     

Major Exploration 

Workshops that connect FYs to upperclassmen and alumni to explore aspects of different engineering majors. Learn about why they chose their major, what their major specific courses are like, opportunities for research, student leadership and internships. 

Career Readiness Workshops 

First steps in career-readiness offer students resume reviews, mock-interviews, LinkedIn tutorials and general guidance about job searches. 

Academic Planning 

Group advising sessions or workshops are available for midterm check-ins, graduation planning considering different math placement paths, and how to register for fall/spring registration.  

Seasonal Activities/ Destress Event

Fun activities help ease the stress that comes with college and exams. 

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