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Industrial & Systems Engineering

Program Overview

Do you wonder how things work? Do you look at something and think of ways to improve it? Do you think about how to make every day processes more efficient, easier to use, or cheaper? If you do, industrial and systems engineering may be the field for you. 

With its focus on reliability engineering, advanced manufacturing, and smart systems, the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rutgers prepares the next generation of engineers and technology leaders. An emphasis on combining classroom and laboratory learning with hands-on practical and pre-professional training through numerous research and internship opportunities gives students the experience they need to make safer, cost-effective, and energy efficient products and services.

Students can choose from track options focused on financial engineering, artificial intelligence in industry, quality and reliability engineering, or manufacturing engineering. The program prepares students for careers designing and analyzing the large systems that serve industry, government, and service sectors. Industrial engineers can be found in careers spanning manufacturing, aerospace, and banking to healthcare, energy, and the military.

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Degrees Offered and Curricular Options

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers the following degree options:

•    Bachelor of Science Degree
                  Financial Management
                  Manufacturing Engineering
                  Industrial Artificial Intelligence
                  Quality and Reliability Engineering
•    Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts Dual Degree
•    Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Five-year Dual Degree
•    Bachelor of Science/Master of Engineering Five-year Dual Degree
•    Bachelor of Science/Master of Business Administration Five-year Dual Degree
•    Master of Science
•    Online Master of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering
•    Doctoral Degree 

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Career Paths

  • Quality engineer
  • Project manager
  • Production engineer
  • Consultant
  • Process engineer
  • Reliability engineer
  • Operations manager
  • Supply chain analyst
  • Financial systems analyst
  • Data scientist
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Meet Massar Ghannam

"I know for certain that from all I’ve learned from my time here at Rutgers through the ISE department, I’ll be prepared for all the future may hold."

Masser Ghannam