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Mission and Values

Rutgers School of Engineering is a place of possibilities—for students seeking successful futures, for researchers seeking to create new technologies, and for faculty members and industry leaders seeking to form powerful and productive partnerships. 

Rutgers University’s School of Engineering is a vibrant academic community whose richly diverse students and faculty are committed to globally sustainable engineering. Its mission is built on a commitment to fostering the integration of education and research to achieve transformational innovation that is ethically responsible and sustainable. 

Education, Research, Service

Rutgers Engineering is educating and training the future engineers for a complex, diverse and global workplace.

  • Providing innovative, high quality, relevant education to undergraduate and graduate students using the latest technology and educational techniques.

  • Engaging a diverse student body that exemplifies the core values of an engineering education for the purpose of improving and developing systems that solve complex problems and improve quality of life.

Rutgers Engineering is conducting state-of-the-art and relevant research that embraces technology to address societal challenges of a multi-faceted United States and a globally connected world.

  • Conducting cutting-edge research in strategically important engineering areas.

  • Creating an environment to encourage and assist faculty to become research leaders in their fields, gaining further national and international recognition.

Rutgers Engineering is serving as a resource to local, state and regional stakeholders to advance the public interest.

  • Promoting economic development through technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.