Tutor Request Form

All tutoring requests will be received by Anna Mae Dinio-Bloch (amdiniobloch@soe.rutgers.edu) in the Office of Student Services for review. If you are requesting a tutor for more than one course, you must complete a separate tutor request form for each course.  During peak times, please allow for at least a two-week turnaround time.  You will receive a tutor assignment email once you have been matched with a tutor. If a tutor is not available for the course you requested, you will be notified by email.  

As another option, we also urge you to please take advantage of the free services available through the Rutgers Learning Center, which offers free walk-in tutoring on each of the 4 New Brunswick campuses.  Please go to their website, for more detailed information:


http://rlc-chat.rutgers.edu/scheduling/group/group_signup.php?campus=%27... (Busch Campus tutoring only)

The deadline to submit tutor requests is MARCH 25, 2019, or when capacity has been reached, whichever comes sooner.  

*** IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will not receive a tutor assignment without a signed Student Tutoring Contract, which is available in B-110, in the Engineering Building.  Submitting a signed contract does not guarantee we have a tutor available for the course(s) you requested.***

Part One: General Information
Enter the # of credits you have completed, as of the start of this semester.
Part Two: Tutoring Request
Please accurately list the course number, title of the course, and the instructor’s name. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are requesting a tutor for more than one course, you must complete a SEPARATE tutor request form for EACH course.
ENTER NAME OF TUTOR IN THIS SECTION. We will try our best to honor your tutor request, but it is not guaranteed.
Final Note:
By clicking the submit button, you are requesting tutoring from the Office of Student Services. If a tutor is available for the course(s) you requested, a tutor assignment email, which includes your tutor's contact information, will be sent to you. IMPORTANT NOTE: An ORIGINAL, signed student tutoring contract is REQUIRED, which may be found in B110. You will not receive a tutor assignment without an original, signed contract on file. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding tutoring, please contact Anna Mae Dinio-Bloch or visit the Office of Student Services, Engineering Building, Room B110.
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