Withdrawal from Courses

Students can withdraw from individual courses during the designated withdrawal period.  A "W" is applied to the transcript when you drop a class after add/drop but before the final withdrawal period of the semester.  It does not impact your GPA. Students cannot drop below 12 credits using WebReg.  If you are unsure about the withdrawal or would like to drop below 12 credits, please reach out to your advisor or advising dean at the SoE for help.

Semester Withdrawal

Plan for Semester Withdrawal: If you are planning to withdraw from all of your courses or take an extended leave of absence (one semester or more) from Rutgers, it is highly recommended that you consult with your advisor or advising dean. We are here to help you explore the best plans for your course sequences and degree completion.  When considering semester withdrawal, please also keep in mind how this may affect your financial aid, in particular the Standards of Academic Progress.  Please consult with an advisor at RU-NB One Stop to understand the full effect on your finances, especially if you are receiving financial aid. 

Return to Campus (through Re-enrollment): Students on semester withdrawal must apply for Re-enrollment when they are ready to return.  If you plan to take courses the following semester, you should consider submitting an application for re-enrollment right after the semester withdrawal.  That way you may be able to register during the pre-registration period.

Submit the Withdrawal Form: Students who need to withdraw from all classes or take an extended leave of absence for one semester or more must submit the Semester Withdrawal Form. Not attending classes is not equivalent to a withdrawal, and you may receive "F" grades instead of the "W"s unless the semester withdrawal is filed with the University.