Transferring out of Engineering

  1. Application guidelines: Students interested in staying at Rutgers, but transferring out of Engineering should be aware that there are specific course, application timelines, GPA, and credit restrictions when transferring to specific schools. Review carefully the requirements, deadlines, and application for school-to-school transfer for specific schools at Rutgers. Requirements to transfer into SAS include (but not limited to): having completed Expository Writing* (from Rutgers only) with at least a C (or via AP credit), having a 2.0 cumulative gpa, and 2 years of language in high school (or college equivalent). If you have taken writing courses outside of RU SAS will not accept them as Expository Writing. If you are actively pursuing writing courses, but have not reached Expository Writing, contact SAS to find out your options of transferring to SAS before completing Expository Writing (see email address below in #3).

    * Writing courses: For students who have not completed Expository Writing yet: SAS may still consider the transfer application if the student has completed two composition courses with no Fs and no semesters without a composition course. Questions about this: contact SAS directly via email to SAS:
  2. Non-engineering Program: If you intend to transfer to another school within Rutgers, you must request permission for enrollment in a Non-engineering program by submission of a non-engineering form. This permission allows you to enroll in non-engineering courses for one semester only and your major will be changed to Non-Engineering (001) until you transfer out. This must be followed by submitting an official school-to-school transfer application. During the non-engineering semester, you are not permitted to take any engineering coursework. Additionally, students who are on probation and want to transfer out cannot take any STEM classes in their non-engineering semester.

    If you do poorly during the non-engineering semester, and if your cumulative gpa is below 2.0, you will be denied transfer and will be dismissed from the SoE and Rutgers University, see Non-Engineering Dismissal.  It is necessary to make sure that you have taken all off the appropriate steps for transferring.
  3. Academic Planning: Students should review the requirements for their future major and school. Departmental websites often have detailed information about majors requirements. Once exhausting information online, students can seek guidance from the major department. Other schools like SAS and SEBS use Degree Navigator to list their school-specific requirements. For example, you can click Search, Programs of Study, type: SAS Core Curriculum, or type: Psychology to see what the requirements for another school or major might be.  Additionally, students should reach out to the future school administration should they have any questions about any general education requirements. For those interested in transferring to SAS, you can send your inquiries about general education requirements via email to SAS: