Pass/No Credit and Repeating Courses

Pass/No Credit Courses

Pass/Fail or Pass/No Credit - An engineering student may take one elective course (tech elective, h/ss elective, general elective) on a Pass/No Credit basis in any two terms of the curriculum (meaning, only 1 Pass/No Credit in a semester). Grades of A, B, and C correspond to Pass, and D and F correspond to No Credit. A No Credit is like a failure in that it cannot count towards anything for graduation.

Pass/No Credit applies only to h/ss electives, technical electives, and general electives (excluding courses taught by one's engineering department, required courses, substitutes for required courses, English courses before Expository Writing, Math courses before Calculus). If you take a course as a substitute for a required course (ex, an 198:112 in place of 332:252), you may NOT make it a Pass/No Credit course. Ineligible courses: courses required for your major (ex, 355:302 for student in Industrial Engineering or Civil Engineering), departmental courses in a students' major such as department electives, required engineering General Education courses like Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statics, etc. Students taking a course for Pass/No Credit must take all quizzes and examinations and are subject to attendance requirements.

The last day to submit an application for P/NC coincides with the last day to drop a course. This is NOT reversible. For courses taken during Summer Session, the application must be submitted by the end of the first week of classes.

For those students pursuing a minor, you should be aware that certain departments do not honor Pass/No Credit courses for a minor. For example, the Economics Department will not accept a Pass/No Credit course towards the fulfillment of an Economics minor.

A grade of B (or better) looks better on the transcript than a PASS (as a Pass could have been a C or C+). If the Pass will keep you on Dean's list or make you graduate with highest honors as opposed to high honors for example, then the PASS grade is a good idea. Otherwise, let the letter grade stand. The instructor will not know that the student has elected to take a class Pass/No Credit, and will submit the appropriate letter grade earned. The Registration system will make the appropriate conversion. 

The student must fill out an online Pass/No Credit Form.

Due to COVID-19, Pass/No-Credit is extended to any or all spring '20 through spring '21 courses. Click Here for more information.

Repeating Courses, E-Credit, Grade Replacement

A grade of D or F received in any course (except for Capstone Design) may be "E-credited" by retaking the class AT Rutgers. This means that the original grade (D or F) will be "E"xcluded from the GPA calculation. You will however still see both courses and the grades denoted on the transcript. If you choose to retake the course outside of Rutgers University, the course is not eligible for E-credit. This may be done up to 4 times (meaning a maximum of 4 grades can be removed from the GPA calculation).

D grades and E-credit: Students wanting to repeat a course, when the grade is a D, should do so right away. It is strongly recommended that students refrain from advancing to other courses before retaking the pre-requisites. Also, a student should never take two Calculus courses in the same semester.

Example: If you received a D in 640:151 and you'd like to retake it the following semester for E-credit and to get better prepared, then you should not take 440:221 or 640:152 while retaking 640:151.  640:151 is a prerequisite for both 640:152 and 440:221.  Your grades may suffer if you rush into 640:152 and 440:221 without completing the retake of 640:151.

Once the course has been taken the second time, the Office of Academic Services will process the E-credit automatically (no form required by student). However, if the student has taken a substitute course (ex. 160:161 instead of 160:159), or if there is an unprocessed repeated course from the past, the student must contact their dean or advisor in the Office of Academic Services via email: Contact Us

Note: There is a set of courses that if you fail any of them twice, you will not be able to register for a third time without approval from a dean. If you are in this situation, please see your dean. The set of courses comes from the following subjects: math, chemistry, biology, and computer science (01:640:111, 01:640:112, 01:640:115, 01:640:135, 01:640:151, 01:640:152, 01:119:115, 01:119:116, 01:160:161, 01:160:162, 01:160:307, 01:160:308, 01:198:111, 01:198:112).