Departmental Advising

Undergraduate engineering students should seek advice from their Departmental Advisors concerning pre-requisite overrides, special permission numbers, scheduling, grad school, and other questions related to engineering major courses.
Some examples include:

  • Can I take a junior departmental course at the same time as a sophomore course?  
  • I am trying to graduate a year early, will I be able to get overrides to do this? 
  • How do I obtain a special permission number for Fluids?
  • Who do I talk to if I want to take a graduate course and potentially get a MS or Phd in Engineering?

Department Office and
Admin Asst.


Graduate Director
and Chair

Applied Sciences 073
EN B100 848-445-2212

Internship/Co-op & Career Development
Dr. P. Brown, EN-B114

Curricular Advising
Dr. C. Vargas, EN-B100

ASE - Packaging 073A
CORE 603 848-445-3224
Magy Gergus
Dr. H.C. Gea
CORE 603 848-445-5234
Dr. H.C. Gea

Bioenvironmental 116/117

Environmental 366
ENR  252 - 848-932-5762
Jeannie Nicewicz

Dr. U. Krogmann
ENR 246; 848-932-5729
Biomedical 125
BMD  110 - 845-445-6869. 
Linda Johnson

Dr. K. Labazzo
BME 328C; 848-445-6578

Dr. J. Freeman (GD)

Dr. D. Shreiber (Chair)

Chemical 155
EN C226 - 848-445-2228
Lynn DeCaprio
Dr. Y. Chiew
EN C150-B; 848-445-0315

Dr. F. Celik (GD) 

Dr. H. Buettner (Chair)

Civil 180
WH 304E848-445-2569
​Linda Szary
Dr. H. Najm 
WH 428G; 848-445-7980

Dr. H. Wang (GD)

Dr. N. Gucunski (Chair)

ECE 332
EE 130 - 848-445-6600
Pamela Heinold

Dr. W. Trappe
EE 122 - 848-445-0606

Dr. Y. Chen (GD)
Dr. N. Mandayam (Chair)
Industrial 540
CORE 201 - 848-445-3654
Laura Kasica
Dr. E. Wicks

Dr. MK. Jeong (GD)

Dr. M. Jafari (Chair)

Materials Science 635
CCR 203 - 848-445-1651
Nahed Assal

Dr. E.K. Akdogan
CCR 114; 848-445-4513

Dr. A. Mann (GD)

Dr. L. Klein (Chair)

Mech/Aero 650/021
EN B226 - 848-445-3514
Cynthia Cartegna
Dr. A. Pelegri
EN D101; 848-445-0691

Dr. J. Shan (GD)

Dr. A. Cuitino (Chair)


Academic Services Advising (B100): Questions related to  general education requirements (calculus 1-4, physics 1a, 1b, 2a, chemistry 1/2, Statics, Matlab, H/SS electives) and graduation requirements should be referred to the Office of Academic Services

Some examples include: