Advising for Engineering Students

Academic Advising is a collaborative process between the student and the advisor, designed to help the student reach educational and career goals. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to make decisions about life goals by creating a plan to reach those goals.

Advising update due to COVID-19 (7/24/2020): President Halloway announced that Fall 2020 courses will be held remotely for undergraduate students. Accordingly, academic advising will also be held remotely.  

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to prepare for advising in advance by bringing a list of questions and courses you are considering taking.

Make an advising appointment, arrive on time, and cancel 24 hours in advance if you cannot make it. 

Advisor/Dean Responsibilities

The advisor's or dean's responsibility is to help students become self-sufficient, solutions-oriented individuals while still providing them with empathetic service. Students who have complex or critical issues should see a dean instead of an advisor. 

An advisor or dean may provide assistance in helping a student learn how to:

  • Make practical academic plans and decisions.
  • Discover a range of options available.
  • Think through the consequences of the student’s own choices.
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Summer 2020 Advising    
(Prospective Students, see table at the bottom)
(general advising)
(more complex advising)

Class 2023 and 2024



Dean Vargas Appts(choose SoE Academic Services location)

Tu 9-11:30; W9:30-12; Th 1:30-4

Class of 2024: (appointments are for SOE students only)

No appointments after 8/7.  Appointments will resume 8/28.

Class 2022 & New Transfer Students 

Ms. Bundy Appts
M 12-2pm, T & Th 12-1pm, W 2-3pm 

Dean Ciervo Appts
M,Tu,W,Th,F: 10am-12pm & 2-3pm

Class 2021+2020
& Applied Sciences 

Dr. Long Appts 
 M,W:10-12; Th: 2-4 

Dean Prendergast Appts 
(choose SOE Academic Services as the location)
M,Tu,W,Th,F:  10:30-12

Study Abroad Email Dean Ciervo for an appointment at
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You can also ask your questions via email.

Prospective Students SOE Contact Information

Prospective Transfers

Transfer Information
Walk In Advising-  Walk in advising has been suspended for summer and fall 2020.  Please email any questions to Dean Ciervo at 
Incoming 1st yrs Email: 
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