Excused Absences, Exam Schedules and Conflicts

Absence Verification for Classes or Exams

All students, including student athletes, are responsible for the timely notification of their instructors regarding any expected absences. They are also responsible for making up the missed work and/or exams according to an appropriate schedule agreed upon with their instructors. If a student knows in advance of an unavoidable absence, then the student must submit the Self-Reporting Absence Application (sims.rutgers.edu/ssra).  

If a student is not able to attend exams, classes or complete assignments due to an emergency or unavoidable conflict (illness, personal or family emergency, court order, or participation in recognized curricular or extracurricular activities, etc.), the student should reach out to the instructor directly.  If the instructor desires a verification of the absence, the students can obtain an Absence Verification Letter from the Dean of Students Office at RU-NB (88 College Avenue, New Brunswick). Please note that the Dean of Students Office does NOT provide verification for students’ personal obligations such as weddings, birthday celebrations, or other planned personal or family commitments. In which case, students would need to present and explain the situation to the instructor, and the final decisions for any accommodation is up to the instructor. 

It is the policy of the University (Policy 10.2.7) to excuse without penalty students who are absent because of religious observances; or participation in University-sponsored intercollegiate athletics obligations (with written verification provided by the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics); and to allow the make-up of exercises or examinations missed because of such absence. Absences due to religious observances do not require a letter from the Dean of Students Office (http://deanofstudents.rutgers.edu/student-advocacy/absences-for-religious-obligations). Students are advised to provide timely notification to instructors about necessary absences for religious observances and are responsible for making up the work or exams according to an agreed-upon schedule.

If the absence of a student is repeated, chronic, lengthy, or involved that the student cannot make up the missed work in a timely manner, then the student should see a dean in the Office of Academic Services (EN B100) at the School of Engineering to discuss options of withdrawing from one or more classes. For absences longer than 2 weeks or for chronic health conditions, students should consider the following approaches to their education:

Things to Consider

  1. Health first: Take a leave of absence from school in order to attend to any serious health, emotional, or other extenuating circumstances.
  2. For chronic issues while attending school, register with the Office of Disability Services in order to receive the proper accommodations, which may include longer test times and alternate testing locations.
  3. Attend school as any other student. Absence Verification letters from a dean would be for short term absences with specific dates. SoE deans and faculty do not have a blanket semester excusal or similar accommodation. If your circumstances are so severe that they are affecting school for more than 2 weeks, you should keep in touch with the academic deans in the  Office of Academic Services (EN B100) so that we can provide you with options including course withdrawals, a complete semester withdrawal, etc. 

Common Hour Exam Policies 

Final Exam and Conflict Handling Policies