Major Frank P. Conway awarded 2009 Rutgers Engineering Society Distinguished Engineer Award

The Rutgers Engineering Society presented the Distinguished Engineer Award of 2009 to Major Frank P. Conway (ENG'89). As a distinguished engineer, Conway has been marked as an aulmnus whose achievements have contributed significantly to the national economy, security, public welfare, the quality of life, or to the solution, or advancement of a specific technical need. 

Conway is Director of Safety and Standardization for the United States Marine Corps Air Station in New River, North Carolina. His leadership and awareness of the operational need for the MV-22B (Osprey) and its value to national security, Major Conway made major contributions to operational deployments and testing which have advanced the tactical employment of the MV-22 for the Marine Air Ground Force and Joint Warfighter. He was involved in every facet of the program from return to flight efforts through the eventual Full Rate Production (FRP) decision. Major Conway was an integral member of the icing and crew systems integrated product teams and actively analyzed and developed new displays and aircraft control laws alongside Bell-Boeing engineers. He flew test points that expanded the V-22 flight envelope, worked with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) engineers to issue initial flight clearances; and, was the lead author for several sections within the Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) program. In addition, he has authored several technical papers and presented findings and analyses to national and international test communities.