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Students share their SoE experiences in their own words.

Young woman poses against a blue background. She has black hair and is wearing a black shirt.

Mechanical engineering major and mathematics and psychology minor Allison Chen, who juggles three jobs and a full course load, is an acknowledged leader.

Young man wearing shorts and a T-shirt poses with the Rutgers Scarlet Knight mascot.

Anas Ani has translated his classroom experiences as double major in chemical engineering and chemistry into real-life applications through summer research projects. After graduating, he will be working as a chemical engineer with the oral formulation sciences department at Merck. He hopes to attend medical school in 2025. 

Woman poses along the shoreline. She has dark hair, sunglasses are perched on her head. She is wearing a blue and white top.

Electrical and computer engineering major Monica Rubens fell in love with Rutgers after attending an event as a high school senior for women students admitted to the School of Engineering.