December 2015

December 18, 2015
It’s not often a university-led research effort captures the Internet Zeitgeist, but with nearly 10 million views over the course of a week Professor Javier Diez’s “Naviator” seems to have tapped into the public’s interest in a big way.
December 18, 2015
“At the end of the day, you want students to say they had a great experience at Rutgers.” The turbulent sixties might have initially contributed to Fred Bernath’s pursuit of advanced degrees in chemical engineering, but he put his training to excellent use as a School of Engineering faculty member and academic dean, impacting the lives of thousands students over the course of his long and distinguished career at Rutgers.
December 6, 2015

November 2015

November 16, 2015
Part submarine, part aircraft, Rutgers University engineering researchers have developed a drone that is just as at home underwater as it is flying through the air. Watch our video to see the "Naviator" drone in action!  
November 10, 2015
Martin L. Yarmush's Brooklyn roots imprinted qualities onto him like fighting for the underdog, good instincts and the desire to start new work that is solid and lasts, he said at the BMES Annual Meeting during his Pritzker Distinguished Lecturer talk. That background led to an extremely varied career, he told meeting attendees.
November 6, 2015
“At Rutgers, I learned to never give up. You need to think holistically and creatively from the start to be a successful problem solver.” – Ye Cheng   Ye Cheng, who received MS and PhD degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering, is a senior technical evangelist at MathWorks. In this role, Ye leads a team that helps university faculty members across the U.S. better use MATLAB for education and research.   Where did you do your undergraduate work?
November 3, 2015
The grants to the Engineering Research Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems will help create the future of advanced manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded $4.9 million in grant funding to institutions in a research consortium based at the Rutgers University School of Engineering to support the introduction of continuous manufacturing techniques for pharmaceuticals.

October 2015

October 26, 2015
One-of-a-kind vehicle could speed search and rescue, monitor oil spills, defuse underwater mine threats Friday, October 23, 2015 By Carl Blesch The Office of Naval Research has awarded Rutgers University a grant to develop a drone – equally adept at flying through the air and navigating underwater – that could speed search-and-rescue operations, monitor the spread of oil spills and even help the Navy rapidly defuse threats from underwater mines.
October 23, 2015
Increasing interest from students, demand for engineers in drone and other aviation technologies drove creation of program; first degrees slated for 2018 Rutgers will soon become the first public university in New Jersey to offer its students a degree in aerospace engineering, a field that increasing numbers of students are pursuing.
October 21, 2015
The Fellowship Board of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society, announced that two Rutgers Engineering students were among the 261 Tau Beta Pi Scholars selected from 804 undergraduate applicants to receive a cash award of $2,000 for their senior year of engineering study. Ushma Majmudar, mechanical engineering senior, and Justin Scott, biomedical engineering senior, were among those students honored.