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Engineering Professor Yuebin Guo Receives Top ASME Manufacturing Technology Award 

Yuebin Guo, Henry Rutgers Professor of Advanced Manufacturing in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, is the recipient of the 2024 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) William T. Ennor Manufacturing Technology Award. 

Since 1990, the highly prestigious award has been presented to individuals or teams of individuals that developed or contributed to innovative manufacturing technologies that have led to substantial economic and/or societal benefits. 

Headshot of male with dark hair, glasses, wearing a dark suit, light blue shirt and navy tie.
Prof. Yuebin Guo

Guo was selected as the 2024 medalist, according to ASME,  for “fundamental contributions to hard machining process development, surface integrity characterization, and functionality validation, which have generated a significant economic and sustainability impact in the machining industry.”  

“Personally, this award represents a celebration of innovation and excellence in the field of manufacturing technology,” says Guo. “It’s a testament to the vision, ingenuity, hard work, and dedication of professionals who strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in manufacturing.” 

He adds, “Professionally, the award is a benchmark of success and a symbol of recognition from my peers in the engineering community. It acknowledges the impact that my work and Rutgers research at large have had on industry and society, and highlights the importance of manufacturing technology in driving innovation and improving our world.” 

An Acknowledged Pioneer in Advanced Manufacturing 

With its focus on ongoing research projects  that broadly impact everything from aerospace, healthcare, and tooling to automotive, energy and materials industries, advanced manufacturing is an SoE research priority. 

Since joining the school faculty in 2019, Guo has furthered the four key research thrusts of the Advanced Manufacturing Lab – smart manufacturing, digital twins, scientific machine learning, and materials informatics – by equipping the lab with state-of-the-art equipment such as machine tools, metrology equipment, and materials testing facilities.  

As a pioneer in the use of hard cutting to replace traditional grinding as a sustainable finishing process, Guo has developed a systematic approach to characterize and understand surface integrity for functional surfaces. His fundamental research results, which include experimental proof that hard cutting is comparable or superior to grinding in terms of fatigue performance, are paving the way for the manufacturing industry’s worldwide application of hard cutting.  

Guo is also a research leader in AI manufacturing and has been instrumental in the establishment of the New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Initiative (NJAMI), which focuses on manufacturing digitalization – including digital twins – industry engagement, and workforce development. 

His many groundbreaking accomplishments have earned him accolades, including election as an ASME Fellow, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP), and the SME Albert M. Sargent Progress Award. 

He is also the recipient of the 2024 Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research at Rutgers in recognition of his seminal contributions to smart manufacturing at the intersections of advanced manufacturing, 5G wireless communications, digital twins, and physics-informed machine learning. 

While attending the 2024 ASME International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference and SME North American Manufacturing Research Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee in early June, Guo was officially presented with the Ennor Manufacturing Technology Award. “I have already donated the $1000 honorarium to the ASME Scholarship Program,” he reports.