Placement Tests

Most tests are administered online and can be completed from home or in a quiet environment with a reliable internet connection. Please visit the placement testing page for more information. If you need testing accommodations, please speak with the Office of Disability Services before taking the placement test. Please follow the steps listed here: 

All newly admitted first-year students will take Rutgers University's placement tests. The placement tests are designed to provide information about students' individual skills in the English language and in mathematics. The test results will be used to place students in the courses and sections appropriate to their level of preparation. Please complete your placement tests as early as possible, so that your results are available to an adviser for your fall course planning and registration. Online testing must be completed within 30 days of confirming your enrollment.  Please read the conditions below on each of the testing subjects for Engineering students. 


  • Students with a Evidence based Reading and Writing SAT score of 650 or higher or an ACT reading score of 32 or higher are exempt from taking the English placement test and will automatically be placed into Expository Writing 01:355:101.  The SAT or ACT score must be sent to Rutgers for the exemption.
  • If you completed the AP exam in English Lang/Comp or English Lit/Comp with a score of a 4 or 5 in your junior year then you would also be exempt from completing the English test. You must ensure your AP scores are sent to Rutgers in a timely manner.
  • Students receiving Rutgers Expository writing through their high school are also exempt.

** If we do not have your scores, you must take the online placement test.  If we receive your scores after you have taken the placement test, the results of the AP scores will supersede the results of the placement test.


  • The Math placement test is mandatory for all first-year Engineering students except those that have taken the AP-Calculus AB or BC examinations in their junior year and already have a score of 4 or 5. You must ensure your AP scores are sent to Rutgers. 
  • Please note that we do NOT grant exceptions on potential scores.
  •  SAT-I or SAT-II Math scores do NOT allow exemptions from the Math test. 

** If we do not have your scores, you must take the online placement test.  If we receive your scores after you have taken the placement test, the results of the AP scores will replace the results of the placement test.

Foreign Languages

For those engineering students who may desire to continue advanced study of the foreign languages in, the respective foreign language test must also be taken.  This is optional to other engineering students who will take no language or other less common languages.  See language testing information on

Important Note

Senior year AP, IB exams, or college transfer credits do NOT exempt a first-year student from Rutgers Placement Testing.  First-year students entering the School of Engineering at Rutgers - New Brunswick who are completing an Associate’s Degree concurrent with their high school degree are still required to take the placement tests unless they meet other exemptions listed above.