General Education Requirements

The General Education requirements for the School of Engineering are comprised of math, science, engineering, and humanities/social science electives.  The SoE Gen Eds include the common First-Year courses and some additional courses taken throughout sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Note: Students are expected to complete 1st yr courses in the first year, sophomore courses in the 2nd year. Often times if students leave a 1st/2nd yr course until later, it causes scheduling conflicts and other issues that may delay graduation, which the deans will not be able to fix.

01:640:151-Calculus 1
01:640:152-Calculus 2
01:640:251-Multivariable Calculus
01:640:244-Differential Equations
01:750:123-Analytical Physics 1a
01:750:124-Analytical Physics 1b
01:750:227-Analytical Physics 2a
01:750:229-Analytical Physics 2a lab
01:160:159-General Chemistry for Engineers 1
01:160:160-General Chemistry for Engineers 2 (except for ECE majors)
01:160:171-Intro to Experimentation
14:440:100-Intro to Engineering 
14:440:127-Intro to Computers for Engineering
14:440:221-Engineering Mechanics: Statics
6 Humanities/Social Science Electives (01:355:101, 01:220:102, 4  from the h/ss list)