First-Year Curriculum

Undergraduate students in the School of Engineering follow a common core curriculum in their first and second years of study.  Courses include foundational studies in calculus, chemistry, physics, programming, English, and other requirements.  These courses, along with an introductory engineering class that exposes students to the various engineering disciplines, make up a large portion of the SOE General Education requirements. Students declare their engineering major at the end of the second semester. 

First Semester

  • 01:160:159  General Chemistry for Engineers (3 credits)
  • 01:160:171  Introduction to Experimentation (1 credit) ***
  • 01:355:101  Expository Writing I (3 credits)*
  • 01:640:151  Calculus for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (4 credits)
  • 01:750:123  Analytical Physics I (2 credits)
  • 14:440:100  Intro to Engineering (1 credit)* 
  • Humanities/social sciences elective (3 credits)****

Second Semester

  • 01:160:160  General Chemistry for Engineers (3 credits) **
  • 01:640:152  Calculus for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (4 credits)
  • 01:750:124  Analytical Physics I (2 credits)
  • 14:440:127  Introduction to Computers for Engineers (3 credits) *
  • 14:440:221  Engineering Mechanics: Statics (3 credits)
  • Humanities/social sciences elective (3 credits)****
  • Total Credits  = 35

*Courses may be taken in the first or second semester.
**Chem 2 is Required for all SOE majors, except Electrical and Computer Engineering.
***Chemistry lab (Introduction to Experimentation 01:160:171) may be taken in first or second semester.  Chemistry recitation cannot substitute for Chemistry lab.
****It is RECOMMENDED that students take one lower level H/SS elective each semester. Electives may be completed at any time before graduation.


Honors Program Engineering Core Course Prerequisite Chart

Introduction to Engineering

Engineering is a diverse field with many opportunities that can satisfy a student’s unique interests and launch successful careers.  Discovering all that engineering has to offer is an important part of the first-year engineering program at Rutgers.  Introductory courses include:

Introduction to Engineering (440:100)
This lecture style introduction to engineering course is a mandatory first-year course teaching students about the different engineering majors.