Information for New Students Transferring from Outside of Rutgers

Congratulations on your transfer admission and welcome to Rutgers-New Brunswick! After you accept the offer of admission online via Rutgers Admissions (indicating you'll be attending the School of Engineering), the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will forward your file and transcripts to the Office of Academic Affairs for a transfer evaluation. Once we complete your transfer evaluation, you will receive an email invitation to an Engineering Student Transfer Advising and Registration day.

To check preliminary results of your transcript evaluation:

1. Using your email login information for your application:

2. Through the My Rutgers Portal

3. Curricular Progress: Degree Navigator. DN Tutorials

Engineering Student Transfer Advising and Registration (STAR) Days

All incoming SOE transfer students transferring from outside of Rutgers-New Brunswick are required to attend an ESTAR Day. For the Fall 2022 incoming class ESTAR will be a live in person event and you will be specifically invited to a day and time dependent on your major and when you confirmed your admission. At the ESTAR day, you will

  • receive an official transfer evaluation and see your curriculum in our Degree Navigator web application;
  • consult with an academic advisor about your progress;
  • select courses for your new semester at Rutgers-New Brunswick; and
  • register for classes.

The ESTAR Day is specifically designed for and mandatory to all SOE transfers. It is an entirely different event from the New Student Orientation (NSO) at Rutgers.  

Sessions are held throughout the summer. After your transcripts have been evaluated, you will receive an email inviting you to the session that you have been assigned to. It is extremely important that you RSVP to the email.

Engineering Transfer Students Handbook

Placement Tests

Math: You do not need to take the Math placement test because all transfer students are required to complete two semesters of calculus before the transfer. 

English: If you have not completed any college-level English Composition or Writing course, then you should take the English Placement Test.  

Submit Your Most Recent Transcripts

If you do not see transfer credits for the courses you have completed recently, it is because we have not been able to evaluate the courses you have completed after you submitted your application. If you still haven’t submitted your most recent transcript to our office, please do so immediately and have it sent to the Office of Academic Affairs care of Ms. Jasmine Bundy at

Transfer Credits and Course Evaluation

  • Transfer Credits: Rutgers-School of Engineering does not accept bulk transfer credits. The transfer evaluation is done course-by-course. In general, credits are granted for courses taken at accredited colleges and universities if they are the equivalent of courses offered by Rutgers University and a grade of at least a “C” has been earned. 
  • Course Equivalencies: All the course descriptions at Rutgers can be found from Rutgers Undergraduate Catalog. As long as there are over 75% similarities in coverage, the course is considered to be equivalent. You may notice from our engineering curriculum that, unlike many engineering technology programs, Rutgers engineering is very heavy in math, physics, and science subjects. Therefore, most engineering technology courses from a two-year college are not transferable to Rutgers-School of Engineering. Some of these courses may even share similar course titles with ours.
  • Transferring from NJCCs: Students should refer to NJ Transfer for course equivalencies between a NJ Community College and Rutgers - School of Engineering. In order to get the most transfer credits when coming from a NJCC, students should follow an engineering science curriculum (not a technology curriculum). Engineering Science programs tend to follow a similar curriculum to our program in calculus, calc-based physics, chemistry and other science and general engineering courses.  
  • AP, IB, GCE Courses: Students may be awarded credits through the combination of Advanced Placement examinations, International Baccalaureate, General Certificate of Education, and other proficiency examinations. Note that the School of Engineering does not accept the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) for credits. 

Transfer Evaluation Appeal

Students who wish to appeal their transfer evaluation to the School of Engineering must do so within 30 days of receiving their official Transfer Summary Report. They shall submit a syllabus of the course in question to Assistant Dean Robert Ciervo at If the course in question is taken from a NJ Community College, students should check with NJ Transfer first before submitting an appeal. 

Course Schedule/Registration

You will be registering for your courses at the STAR session. In some cases, you may be missing a course (or two) due to closed sections. Please go to WebReg to check your schedule or register for more courses.

Closed Courses/Special Permission

The Office of Academic Affairs at the School of Engineering only grants special permission numbers (SPNs) for the general engineering courses (14:440:xxx). For other courses, you should contact the academic department that offers the course for a special permission number. For example, you should contact the Chemistry Dept. if you are trying to get into a closed chemistry course (01:160:xxx) or the Economics Dept. for an economics course (01:220:xxx). Some departments have online request forms for SPNs such as the Math Dept. (01:640:xxx) and the Physics Dept. (01:750:xxx). Other departments may advise you to attend the class and talk to the professor first before getting a special permission number. Please make sure that you have completed all the pre-reqs for the course before applying for a special permission number.

If you are able to obtain a SPN from the department or the professor, you can try to add it yourself on WebReg or contact us if you have problems registering the classes. If you are not able to get a SPN before the classes start, you will have to pick a different course or section that is open.

RU Email, Post Office, ID Card

You must sign up for a Rutgers eden email account and find out what your campus post office box is (if you live on-campus) in the Busch Campus Post Office (located in the Busch Campus Center). You can get your RU ID card in the Busch Housing Office.


After you accept the admission, you may submit an application to be on the waiting list for on-campus housing. Please call 732-932-1001 if you have any questions with housing. Housing is offered to school-to-school transfers on a space available basis and is not guaranteed. It is advisable to consider off-campus housing as an alternative if necessary.

Get paired with a Transfer Mentor

Interested in being paired with a mentor for your first semester? Find out more about the Transfer Integration Program.

Other Useful Information

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