BS/Master's Programs

Rutgers School of Engineering students are eligible to apply for admission to a variety of accelerated Master's Programs.  Admission to any of these programs typically requires a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.200 (note: some departments have different GPA requirements) and junior year status. In some cases an aptitude test such as the GRE or GMAT is also required.  These prestigious programs allow students to complete a master's degree in 1-2 extra years while simultaneously integrating an undergraduate engineering experience with that of a graduate program.  With the higher demands of the work place in today's world, the B.S./Master's programs ensure that students remain competitive by mastering new techniques and extending their expertise within their subject area and/or in the related areas of business. 

There are currently three combined programs available with a B.S. in Engineering. See the following links for details:

  • BS-MBA (Master of Business Administration - Future Leaders MBA)
  • BS-MS/ME (Master of Science, or Master of Engineering)
  • BS-MBS (Master of Business and Science)
  • BS-MEd (Master of Education)