Yee C. Chiew, CBE, appointed Associate Dean for International Programs

It is my pleasure to report that Prof. Yee C. Chiew of the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering has accepted the position Associate Dean for International Programs. Yee joined Rutgers in 1985 after education at the University of Edinburgh and Penn as well as a post-doc at SUNY Stony Brook. He currently serves as Professor and Director of the Graduate Program of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering as well as Director of the GAANN Graduate Fellowship Program in Pharmaceutical Engineering. Yee has been twice recognized with the CBE Teaching Excellence Award and the EGC Excellence in Teaching Award.

Yee’s research develops molecular-based models for the prediction of thermophysical properties and phase equilibria of fluid mixtures and pharmaceutical materials. He has also focused on environmental thermodynamics and properties of interfacial films. He has authored or co-authored more than 80 archival publications and served as chair for ten PhD students. His research has been sponsored by NSF, the Department of Education and industry. He was a recipient of the American Chemical Society Cooperative Research Award in Polymer Materials Science and Engineering.

Yee brings a wealth of international experience to the position including a faculty appointment at the National University of Singapore where he was recognized with Teaching Excellence and Outstanding Educator Awards. I look forward to working with Yee to leverage his experience and enthusiasm to enhance the international stature of SoE and the international experiences of our students. Please join me in congratulating Yee on this appointment.


Thomas N. Farris
School of Engineering