Rutgers Tau Beta Pi Brings Annual Convention to New Jersey for First Time

“Tau Beta Pi, the oldest engineering honor society in the country recruits students who not only have phenomenal academic achievements but also those who exemplify good character,” said Sindhura Lanka, the proud president of the Tau Beta Pi- New Jersey Beta chapter. Lanka was extensively involved in organizing the Annual Tau Beta Pi National Convention which is not only being hosted by Rutgers University for the first time but is taking place in New Jersey for the first time as well. Lanka stated “While I had a lot of responsibilities in carrying out and delegating tasks for this upcoming convention, the dedication and efforts of faculty members and the executive board of the New Jersey Beta Chapter has facilitated the entire process tremendously.” Originally founded in 1885 at Lehigh University, Tau Beta Pi started off as a trial run for the engineering community. Currently, with a commendable total of 234 active chapters, Tau Beta Pi has spread it’s creed of “Integrity and Excellence in Engineering” across the nation by offering members many valuable experiences, including networking opportunities and leadership development. While Lanka already obtained and accepted a job offer at Vanguard for the following year, she is continuing to value the skill sets that she acquired as a member and officer of her chapter. Lanka stated “Tau Beta Pi has helped me build on skills that I never knew I had. From balancing leadership and teamwork to communicating effectively during a job interview, I am truly proud to be a Tau Bate. It really has been more than just a line on a resume.” “The benefits of being a Tau Bate are absolutely indescribable. In order to be eligible for membership, you must first fall within the top eighth of your class if you are junior or the top fifth of your class as a senior” said Tau Beta Pi-New Jersey Beta Chapter’s Arrangements Chair, Mandy Szeto. “We have a diverse mix of students representing all seven of our engineering departments and we agree that it is something that we are extremely proud of” Lanka added. Szeto is working alongside Lanka to make certain that the 2009 Tau Beta Pi convention will represent New Jersey and the Rutgers Beta Chapter at its finest. When asked of the anticipation for this semester’s initiation since it will take place during the 2009 Convention weekend, Lanka asserted “This is the first time that initiation for our new members will take place on such a grand scale. It is truly an honor for our new members to be congratulated by some of the best engineering communities in the nation.” The engineering community here at Rutgers is eagerly anticipating the Tau Beta Pi National Convention which will be taking place on October 15-17 at the Hilton Hotel in East Brunswick. For more Information please CLICK HERE

By Sayuri Khandavilli