Laboratories and Facilities

The School of Engineering has a wide variety of labs and facilities that provide research opportunities for students. State-of-the-art equipment supports academic and research activities within all of SoE's disciplines. Below is a list of a portion of the school's labs and specialized equipment.

Advanced Materials and Structures Diagnostics Laboratory (MAE)

BioMEMS and Microfluidics Laboratory (BME)

Bio-Optics Laboratory (BME)

Coating Quality and Spin Coating (MSE)

Complex Fluid and Soft Matter Laboratory (MAE)

Corning Glass Laboratory (MSE)

Emil Buehler Aerospace Laboratory (MAE)

Energy Sciences and Nano Technology Laboratory (MAE)

Engineering Robotics Laboratory (RWH)

Hybrid Energy Systems Laboratory (MAE)

Hybrid Nanomaterials for Optics, Electronics and Bio-Nanotechnology (MSE)

Interfacial Molecular Science (MSE)

Laboratory for Experimental Fluids and Thermal Engineering (MAE)

Laboratory of Vision Research (BME)

Microfabrication Laboratory (Richard Weeks Hall)

Micro Fluidics Laboratory (MAE)

Molecular Systems Bioengineering Laboratory  (BME)

The Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration (MoTR) Laboratory (BME)

New Jersey Confocal Microscopy and Cell Culture Facility for Biomaterials (BME)

Nano Materials Laboratory (NML) (MSE)

Pavement Resource Program (PRP) – PRP Testing, Facilities and Equipment (CEE)

Super Sonic Wind Tunnel Fluid Dynamics

Thermal Photonics and Engineering Laboratory (MAE)

Vision and Sports Science Research (BME)

Wireless Communications Laboratory (WINLAB) (ECE)

Quality and Reliability Engineering Laboratory (ISE)