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Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Seminar

November 14, 2017
Speaker: David G. Cahill, Ph.D.
                 Donald B. Willett Professor of Engineering and
                 Department Chair, Materials Science and
                 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Title: Ultrafast Heat Transfer in Nanoscale Materials

Good Vibrations: Smart Access to Homes and Cars Using Fingers

Rutgers engineers create VibWrite, a finger vibration-based security system

"Good, good, good, good vibrations” goes the catchy Beach Boys song, a big hit in 1966 and beyond.

Now Rutgers engineers have created VibWrite, a smart access system that senses finger vibrations to verify users. The low-cost security system could eventually be used to gain access to homes, apartment buildings, cars, appliances – anything with a solid surface.


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Mechanical Engineering Alumna Inducted into Rutgers Athletics Hall of Fame

School of Engineering alumna Erin McIntyre was inducted into the 2017 Rutgers University Division of Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame on October 21 for her achievements as an exceptional swimmer and scholar during her undergraduate career.

The first Rutgers athlete to qualify for the NCAA Women's Swimming Championships and a 2002 All-American, McIntyre set records that stand to this day. Equally impressive was her ability to combine elite college athleticism while also pursuing an engineering degree.


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