SoE Faculty Receives Rutgers' First TechAdvance Award

Materials science and engineering research associate Jennifer Lynch-Branzoi was selected as the first recipient of the Rutgers’ TechAdvance Fund. She was awarded a $100,000 grant for her project on barrier resistance in Graphene Enhanced Polymer Matrix Composites (G-PMCs).

Lynch-Branzoi will investigate the permeation of small gases through G-PMCs, which potentially offer a lightweight replacement for fuel tanks and packaging applications with longer shelf lives.

Peer Mentor Bio

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Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Seminar

November 14, 2017
Speaker: David G. Cahill, Ph.D.
                 Donald B. Willett Professor of Engineering and
                 Department Chair, Materials Science and
                 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Title: Ultrafast Heat Transfer in Nanoscale Materials


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