SoE Student Athletes: Intrinsically Designed to Be the Best

Engineering is among the worst majors for a student-athlete to pursue, according to The intense work load, demanding course requirements, and inflexible scheduling obstacles don’t necessarily play well with team practice and travel schedules. But at the School of Engineering, a select group of students each year rise to the challenge and compete to win on both the playing and academic fields.

Collagen Breakthrough Pays Off

What started as a simple transaction—buying collagen for soft-tissue engineering research—is now a commercially viable license for Rutgers and the School of Engineering. Since 2011, biomedical engineering doctoral candidate, Kathryn Drzewiecki, under the guidance of professor David Shreiber, has been researching and developing collagen modifications to expand its use in medicine.

CBE Professor Meenakshi Dutt Receives NSF CAREER Award

Meenakshi Dutt, asssistant professor of chemical and biochemcial engineering, is the recent recipient of a National Science Foundation Early CAREER Award for research related to applying a computational method for designing soft materials with specific structure-function relations.  The highly competitive award is given to support the research and education initiatives of faculty at the beginning of their careers.

Rutgers School of Engineering Honors Envoy Application

The Rutgers School of Engineering Honors Envoy position is a full year position where the Envoy will be required  to work 7.5 hours per week in the summer and throughout the school year to create, plan, and run programs for the Honors Community.  The position is only opened to Engineering Honors students that have spent a minimum of two semesters in good Honors standing.  The Honors Envoy will work closely with the Dean of Enrichment Programs, and will have the chance to plan new and existing enrichment programs for the high achieving engineering student population.

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