Faster, More Accurate Cancer Detection Using Nanoparticles, Rutgers-Led Study Finds

Light-emitting nanoprobes can detect cancer early and track the spread of tiny tumors

Using light-emitting nanoparticles, Rutgers University-New Brunswickscientists have invented a highly effective method to detect tiny tumors and track their spread, potentially leading to earlier cancer detection and more precise treatment.

The technology, announced today, could improve patient cure rates and survival times.

Building Bridges to Prosperity

Rutgers B2P Connects Isolated Communities to Schools, Hospitals, and Jobs

Many college students spend their summers working retail jobs. Others conduct research. Some might even score first-rate internships.

But if you’re a member of Rutgers Bridges to Prosperity, you could spend your vacation building a pedestrian footbridge alongside residents of an isolated Bolivian community while sleeping in tents, bathing in a river, and trading in your morning latte for a more local preference—coca leaves.


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