Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Innovations. Breakthroughs. Discoveries. Electrical engineers are in the forefront of technology that continually transforms our rapidly changing world. From developing advanced navigation systems and self-piloted vehicles to designing “smart” homes and cyber security systems, electrical and computer engineers have a profound impact on how we live and how society will continue to progress for generations to come.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Civil engineers design and create virtually all infrastructure, from bridges and highways to airports and sewage treatment facilities. Within civil engineering, there can a be a wide range of specialization: structural engineers may be involved in designing buildings to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes; transportation engineers may design highways; construction and geotechnical engineers may be involved with creating new towers and tunnels.

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Chemical engineers leave their imprint on a broad array of industries. Their work can range from the luxurious like developing softer clothes or better cosmetics to the lifesaving like producing fire-resistant materials or safer food. Chemical engineers might conduct cutting-edge pharmaceutical research, discover how to extend the shelf life of antibiotics, or be part of a creative team at a food company concocting a new candy bar.

Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical engineering is an exciting field that’s on the cutting edge of innovative medical advances. Biomedical engineers design prostheses, artificial organs and pharmaceutical products that directly improve quality of life for millions of people. They also design and manufacture diagnostic and therapeutic devices and imaging equipment that give doctors and medical researchers the tools to identify and treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries.


Welcome to the School of Engineering

For nearly 150 years, a Rutgers Engineering education has prepared students for rewarding and successful careers in an ever-changing world through rigorous coursework supported by groundbreaking research opportunities and leadership development. With a degree that is recognized around the world as comprehensive and leading-edge, the School of Engineering is training the next generation of innovators across a broad spectrum of professions. 


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