2017 AP Score Submission - Class of 2021

This form is for incoming first year engineering students (class of 2021), to upload screenshots of the results of May 2017 AP tests (as well as any previous scores not submitted yet).

Please upload screenshots as soon as you receive your scores, the earlier the better!!!!!  

1.  If you did NOT take any AP exams in May, you do NOT need to upload anything. Please make sure you have already submitted all AP scores via College Board for exams taken in 2016 and earlier.

2.  If you did NOT obtain a score of 4 or 5, you do NOT need to upload anything.

Honor Society Hosts Water Bottle Challenge for Local Gifted Students

Rutgers University’s Engineering Honor Society Tau Beta Pi demonstrated the concepts of energy, momentum, and optimization to students in Woodbridge’s Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG) by means of a popular trend—the water bottle flip challenge.

As part of the honor society’s MindSET program, the event gave the third- to fifth-grade students a hands-on engineering lesson as they tested which water level, bottle size, and fluid type optimized the bottle’s chances of landing upright once thrown into the air.

Rutgers Uses $2.7 Million Grant to Reduce Flooding and Restore Ecosystem in Linden

Rutgers-New Brunswick engineering students’ eco-friendly designs will curb stormwater runoff

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When Superstorm Sandy assaulted New Jersey in 2012, ocean water invaded dozens of homes and the public works department in Linden’s vulnerable Tremley Point section, causing an estimated $3 million in damages.


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