Unpacking Packaging Engineering

When students and parents come to a Rutgers University School of Engineering tour, most are there for the traditional branches of engineering, such as mechanical or chemical. What most people don’t know about Rutgers prior to arriving is that we have a unique major within engineering: packaging.

I personally was not sure which engineering major I wanted to pursue during my first year at Rutgers. Although I like math and science, I also love art, literature, and (especially) music. I see myself as neither purely technical nor creative, but rather as a combination of the two. I’m so glad I found Packaging Engineering -- it's a great fit for me because it allows students to develop their technical skills while also expressing their artistic creativity. The program at Rutgers gives students so many different opportunities to learn, in the classroom and out, through labs, facility tours, and “packathon" competitions! Nearly everyone in society interacts with product packaging in some way, both seen and unseen, from shampoo bottles and soup cans to packaging for auto repair parts. Since every company that produces a physical product needs to have a package to put it in, packaging is a vital part of our society, and the job market demand for packaging professionals is huge! Rutgers University is the only school in the country with a Packaging Engineering major, and this gives our students an edge when applying for these positions.

By: Amy