Undergraduate research opportunities at Rutgers SoE

One of the primary reasons I chose to attend Rutgers School of Engineering was because of its extensive research program. As a result, I decided to pursue research opportunities as early as my freshman year. I even used my research experience to guide my decision to declare my engineering major with hands-on knowledge and experience. I conducted research in two different engineering fields, namely Biomedical Engineering (BME) and Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE). Through the Douglass Project SUPER program, I spent a semester in the BME department creating nanoparticles for traumatic brain injury treatment, which turned out to be an extraordinary experience. However, having also worked in a drone lab, I found that designing and programming drones in the Aerospace department was closer to what I wanted to do. 

Over time, my interest and exposure with drones grew, to a point that I now have my own research project designing an Android app to replace a drone flight controller, and I love every minute of it! During this time, I have had the unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects that are advancing drone technology while also learning something new every time I go to the lab.

Research projects are not only a great way to learn outside of the classroom, but they can also help a student to stand out when applying for a job or internship. Not only this, research helps provide greater perspective and deeper knowledge of classroom learning as you get to see and apply the theory in a research lab. 

Here at Rutgers School of Engineering, there are plenty of ways to get a research position, including talking to TAs, emailing professors, or applying to programs like Project SUPER and Aresty. Even though reaching out to professors might seem intimidating at first, you soon come to realize that Rutgers professors are very friendly, welcoming and receptive to both undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate an interest in getting involved with their research. Visit our website to learn more about availing undergraduate research opportunities at Rutgers School of Engineering.