Transferring from RBS to SOE

Hello! I am Brandon Luong, a junior double majoring in electrical & computer engineering and computer science. I was not always in the Rutgers School of Engineering, I actually started off in the Rutgers School of Business. Like many freshmen, I was not fully set on what major I wanted to be. I was stuck between the choice of being a business major or an electrical engineer, and thus decided to start off in the Rutgers School of Business. Freshman year was a period of exploration for me, as I wanted to gain as much experience in business and engineering, so that I could fully commit to a specific major by the end of freshman year.

One club in particular that heavily impacted my decision was Engineers Without Borders, a club where engineering students work on projects to directly help people in disadvantaged communities. Engineers Without Borders had projects in Camden, Kenya, Guatemala, and Tanzania. The projects involved designing and building food gardens, water pumps, and schools. The project I joined was the Camden project, where we designed and built an automated, self sustaining irrigation system that was implemented utilizing a raspberry pi and Python. The project would collect rainwater and generate electricity from solar panels, which would then be utilized to power a water pump that would automatically water the crops in the garden whenever the soil moisture dipped below a certain level. This allowed us to remotely grow food to give back to the Camden community. Participating in a project that combined growing my technical skills with also having a direct impact on a local community was a great experience for me. Wanting to have more fulfilling experiences such as this, I decided to switch to the Rutgers School of Engineering at the end of freshman year. The switch was simple and easy, and just required me to submit a simple application online. The wide array of resources and clubs at Rutgers helped me to find what I love to do, by allowing me to try out different topics of interest firsthand! - Brandon, ECE ‘22