Dr. Wolf R. Vieth, chairman of the department of chemical and biochemical engineering, with enzyme reactor for waste treatment.
Mechanics and Materials Engineering Dept,1970
Dr. John Sauer, chairman of the department of mechanics and materials science, with some of the equipment used in materials research.
Electrical Engineering - Welkowitz
Dr. Walter Welkowitz, chairman of the electrical engineering department, with scanning optical microscope and related equipment in the biomedical engineering laboratory.
1990's - Craelius
Artificial hand developed by William Craelius, biomedical engineering associate professor, and his graduate student Rick Abboudi.
Ceramics Lab, 974
Ceramics Lab, 1974
Concrete canoe, 1974
Concrete canoe, 1974
Open House 1978
College of Engineering Open House, 1978
  • 1977:  Ellis Harold Dill appointed dean.

  • 1981: The College of Engineering establishes a Department of Industrial Engineering.

  • 1989:  Dedication of the 50,000 square foot, two-story Center for Ceramic Research.

  • 1997: Department of Ceramics becomes the Department of Ceramic & Materials Engineering.

  • 1998: Michael T. Klein appointed dean.

  • 1999: The College of Engineering becomes the School of Engineering.

  • The College of Engineering establishes the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

  • An innovative artificial hand is developed by William Craelius, associate professor of biomedical engineering, and his graduate student Rick Abboudi.