Strategic Plan Goals

Goal 1
To be recognized as one of the nation’s top engineering colleges preparing exceptional undergraduate and graduate students with the ability to solve problems, create opportunity, make meaningful societal advances and lead through innovation.
Goal 2
To advance highly specialized, relevant research that is supported by funding from leading agencies in the areas of advanced manufacturing and computing, helathcare science, energy, and materials.
Goal 3
To drive economic growth in New Jersey through strategic alliances with industry and through public-private initiatives that deliver new technologies and processes to industry and new products to the market place.
Goal 4
To cultivate an actively engaged Rutgers engineering community whose students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners are committed to the School of Engieering's principles and advancement.
Goal 5
To provide a capstone to the School of Engineering’s excellence in education, research, and real-world student experience with a new engineering complex of sustainably designed classrooms, laboratories, offices, and common space.