Winning Opportunity in France

By John Lander, Ph.D in Chemical Engineering

My experience in Grenoble, France was prompted by a global initiative to select senior graduate students and post-doctorates to participate in a week long competition on the fundamentals and applications of graphene. Participants were placed into teams comprised of people with diverse cultural and academic backgrounds and were required to devise a sustainable research strategy that could last up to two years.

This week long experience was combined with lectures from some of the world's top tier scientists from various fields. In the end my team won first place for proposing to fabricate 3-dimensional mesoporous graphene structures for the field of supercapacitors. As a result, each member was offered a job opportunity to pursue this project in Grenoble for two years. The competition, which so far has been held every other year, was sponsored by the Global School for Advanced Studies (GSAS) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).