The Way to em[POWER]

   Integlia, Rutgers Engineering Ph.D. Candidate works with Muhammad Salman Khan, electrical engineering student and Fullbright Scholarship recipient, to em [POWER] communities through renewable waste-to-energy solutions

Ryan Integlia, currently working under Assistant Professor Wei Jiang, is finishing up study towards a Ph.D. in the electrical and computer engineering program here at Rutgers University. Integlia’s current academic work focuses on nanophotonics, a branch of optical engineering that studies the behavior of light on a nanoscale.

While working at the electrical engineering building a few years ago, Integlia was approached by Muhummad Salman Khan, an electrical engineering student and recipient of the Fullbright Scholarship, who happened to be looking for the Wireless Information Network Laboratory (WINLAB). During the short travel time between the electrical engineering building and WINLAB, Khan briefly described his work in his native Pakistan, discussing the projects that seek to improve the lives of many whom reside in the Kachra Kundi landfill outside of Karachi.

Taken back by the story, Integlia and Khan started the em[POWER] project, congregating different ideas and resources from Rutgers University as well as pulling in other universities including UC Berkeley, William and Mary, NED University in Karachi and Princeton. The project focuses on providing communities in destitute conditions with sustainable solutions to lift them out of poverty. A current project, Project Karachi, will require the collaboration of a broad range of fields including city planning, education, waste management and renewable energy. Creating a new renewable power plant and industrialized waste management facility will offer a sustainable solution to the energy shortage in the densely populated community of 18 million in Karachi.

Learn more about the emPOWER chapter at Rutgers University.

By: Sayuri Khandavilli