Tom Nosker, Army engineers, and Axion International to develop “lumber” made from recycled plastic

The challenge, sparked by the need for an inexpensive and environmentally safe bridge at Fort Bragg in North Carolina was fulfilled by a proposal made by army engineers working with Rutgers and manufacturing licensee Axion International. The principal investigator, Tom Nosker, with Rutger’s Advanced Polymer Center, an affiliate of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, described the construction of a plastic bridge that withstands the load of a M1 Abrams tank, a 70-ton Army tank, as something that had never been done before. This latest accomplishment utilizes the structural strength of plastic resulting by combining polystyrene and high-density polyethylene. On September 18, the demonstration of the tank bridge, whose lumber was made predominately of recycled laundry detergent bottles, automobile bumpers and recycled plastic milk, was attended by Army brass as well as outside guests. With the support of the T-beam design manufactured by Axion International, the business opportunities and demands for such technology will help save the environment while revamping the infrastructure of our country’s transportation industry. CLICK HERE for more Information

By Sayuri Khandavilli