SOE Welcomes New Faculty for 2018-2019

The School of Engineering welcomes ten new faculty members to Rutgers. Hailing from several distinguished institutions, these new instructors bring extensive experience to Rutgers, having performed research in several exciting fields. We look forward to their continued growth and innovation as part of the Rutgers Engineering faculty.

 Laurent Burlion, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor
 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 Doctoral Degree: Physics, University of Paris-Sud


Laurent Burlion’s research focuses on nonlinear control theory applied to aerospace systems. He recently led the ANR funded project VISIOLAND— where he developed novel vision-based control solutions to land an aircraft on an unequipped runway—in collaboration with Airbus. He received his doctoral degree in physics from the University of Paris Sud.

 Xi Gu, Ph.D.
 Assistant Teaching Professor
 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
 Doctoral Degree: University of Michigan


Xi Gu’s current research interests include smart manufacturing; modeling, design, and control of complex engineering systems; and engineering education. He joins Rutgers Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology where he was a teaching instructor.

 Umer Hassan, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor
 Electrical and Computer Engineering
 Doctoral Degree:  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Umer Hassan, who was recently awarded the Brandt Early Career Investigator Award in Precision Medicine, is developing and commercializing point-of-care translational biosensors for infectious disease diagnostic applications.

 Jorge Ortiz, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor
 Electrical and Computer Engineering
 Doctoral Degree: University of California Berkeley

Jorge Ortiz recently spent five years at IBM Research working on machine learning for cyber-physical systems and the Internet-of-Things. His work examines how to build smarter systems in the built environment, allowing buildings to integrate more easily with existing software.


 Benjamin Schuster, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor
 Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
 Doctoral Degree: John Hopkins University

Benjamin Schuster’s research focuses on developing novel protein-based materials for applications in biocatalysis and in understanding human disease. His technologies are engineered from intrinsically disordered proteins that self-assemble, utilizing approaches from bio-inspired soft materials, synthetic biology, and biophysics.

Maribel Vazquez
Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Doctoral Degree: Massachusetts Institute to Technololgy



Maribel Vazquez joins Rutgers Engineering with professional experience in combining microfabrication with cell biology for human health. Her research projects develop microfluidic systems for neural cell-based repair and have been funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Department of Defense. She brings extensive academic experience as a co-founding faculty of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at The City College of New York (CCNY), the first biomedical engineering department in a public, minority-serving institution. 

Ruo-Qian (Roger) Wang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Doctoral Degree: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wang's research includes coastal flooding, the resilience of the coastal and urban community, aquaculture, and marine renewable energy. He develops high-fidelity numerical models to reporduce and forecast natural processes and then applies data-driven analysis and aritficial intelligence to understand the model behaviors.


 Sheng Wei, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor
 Electrical and Computer Engineering
 Doctoral Degree: University of California Los Angeles

Sheng Wei’s research focuses on hardware security, which aims to protect the security and integrity of low-level hardware systems as well as employ hardware-based techniques to enhance system and software security. He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award in 2018 under the Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program.

 Elin MacStravic Wicks, Ph.D.
 Assistant Teaching Professor
 Industrial and Systems Engineering
 Doctoral Degree: Virginia Tech




Elin Wicks’ research studies focused on a method for quantifying non-economic factors in monetary terms and the design of cellular manufacturing systems. She is a contributing co-author of the well-known textbook Engineering Economy.


 Bo Yuan, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor
 Electrical and Computer Engineering
 Doctoral Degree: University of Minnesota

Bo Yuan’s research interests include algorithm and hardware co-design and implementation for machine learning and signal processing systems, error-resilient low-cost computing techniques for embedded and IoT systems, and machine learning for domain-specific applications. He is the recipient of the Broadcom Corporation Global Research Competition Finalist Award.