SOE Students' Innovations Get Shout Out from President Obama

Among the two technologies singled out by President Barack Obama during his 2016 Rutgers commencement address as among those achievements that have lifted the university “to heights its founders could not have imagined,” were those involving the talent and creativity of School of Engineering students.

“This is a place where you 3D-print prosthetic hands for children, and devise rooftop wind arrays that can power entire office buildings with clean, renewable energy,” the president said. 

Graduating senior Katherine Lau was the lead on a research team that developed a prosthesis for a 4-year-old girl born with barely developed fingers on her right hand. Hailey Dawson had been born with Poland syndrome, a birth defect marked by incomplete development of hand and chest muscles typically on a person’s right side. Lau’s team used 3D printing to make the fingers and mechanical linkages for the girl’s prosthetic hand. Read more>>

Doctoral mechanical engineering student David Talarico’s wind harvesting device recently won the top prize of $50,000 in a U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored business pitch competition. Talarico began work on this technology as part of his senior design project as an undergraduate. After signing up for the Collaborative for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization course, a new initiative offered by the Rutgers University Business School, he joined MBA students Antoni Milewski and Ryan Annibali to advance the technology and bring it to market. The team moves on to the finals later this year where they will compete for a $100,000 prize that can be used to take the product to market. Read more>>