SoE Professors Receive 2020-2021 University-wide Faculty Awards

Associate Professor Waheed U. Bajwa (left) Associate Professor Jonathan P. Singer (right)
Each year, outstanding members of the Rutgers University community are selected by their peers to receive University-wide Faculty Awards. The eight awards honor exceptional contributions to teaching, research, or public service.
School of Engineering faculty Waheed Bajwa and Jonathan Singer were among the 2020-2021 awardees recently announced by Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway and Executive Vice President Prabhas Moghe.
“Professors Bajwa and Singer are deserving recipients of these prestigious faculty awards,” says Dean Thomas Farris. ”These awards highlight and affirm the strength and dedication of our faculty in providing our students with a world-class engineering education.”
Bajwa, an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and visiting fellow at Princeton University, is a recipient of the Warren I. Susman Award for Excellence in Teaching. The award, which honors the memory of noted historian and professor, Warren I. Susman, is presented annually to tenured faculty members in recognition of their outstanding service in stimulating and guiding the intellectual development of Rutgers’ students.
“Rutgers is home to thousands of excellent, dedicated, and inspiring teachers. So, the fact that I was chosen as a recipient of this university-wide teaching award feels a bit surreal to me,” says Bajwa. “At the same time, inspired by several innovative instructors both within and outside Rutgers, I’ve been working on my pedagogical techniques over the last decade. This award is a validation of these efforts.
“I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that this award has only been made possible through the constant encouragement of my colleagues within the ECE department and the school, the unrelenting desire of several people within the Rutgers active learning community to help me, and last but not least, the patience of my students as I fumbled through the process of refining my pedagogical approach – and their willingness to provide feedback on my teaching style.”
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor Jonathan Singer is a recipient of the Presidential Fellowship for Teaching Excellence Award. It honors recently promoted and tenured faculty who have made truly outstanding contributions to teaching during their early years at Rutgers.
“Ever since I first worked in a lab as an undergraduate, I understood both the value of hands-on research and how difficult it would be to give this experience to every student,” says Singer. “Since then, I’ve been motivated to incorporate hard-to-translate experiences of research into coursework.
“Through the trust of my department’s leadership and the organizers of the NJ Governor’s School, I had the opportunity to implement some of my most ambitious active learning ideas at Rutgers in courses and over the summer. To see them not only work in practice, but also to be recognized through this honor is extremely gratifying. It’s energized me to keep developing as an educator and a mentor.”