School of Engineering Stands Out at 2018 My Mark Conference

School of Engineering Associate Dean Ilene Rosen and civil and environmental engineering senior Shrey Ghate received My Mark awards at the 2018 Mark Leadership Conference. The awards recognize the “mark” that exceptional students and faculty members have left on the Rutgers community.

“Being recognized with the My Mark Faculty Award is especially meaningful because it was decided upon by students,” says Rosen.  “I am very fortunate to love what I do and without a doubt the highlight of each day or week is in working with students. I strongly believe that Rutgers' greatest asset is our students.”  

Ghate praised Rutgers for fostering the conditions that enable students to actively contribute to the community.

“In my four years here, I have done everything from representing the university at Model UN conferences to partaking in Israel advocacy with diverse groups on campus, from leading a water distribution project in Kenya through Engineers Without Borders to being a senator for the engineering student body to my recent exploits in social entrepreneurship with the Hult Prize,” he said.

Hosted by the Department of Leadership and Experiential Learning, the Mark Leadership Conference showcased over 20 diverse speakers in a full-day TED-styled event in March. The ultimate goal was to encourage students to think critically about the “mark” they want to leave on the world. 

“There's so much that's been done, but there's still so much more to do! I look forward to continue engaging with the community and leaving ‘My Mark’ wherever I go,” Ghate said.

And Rosen was happy to receive her award alongside another member of the engineering community.

“That says a lot about the work and perception of SoE among all students in New Brunswick.”