Rutgers University in a joint venture with Drexel University

Rutgers University, in a joint venture with Drexel University, PD-LD, Inc., Mala GeoSciences USA Inc, and Pennoni Associates Inc receives Technology Innovation Program 2009 R&D Award for a projected $8.81 Million in Monitoring and Retrofit of Civil Infrastructure for their “Automated Nondestructive Evaluation and Rehabilitation System (ANDERS) for Bridge Decks”.

The U.S Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced it’s investment of $71 million in twenty cost-sharing projects that support high-risk research projects from all over the country through its TIP, or Technology Innovation Program. Among the twenty TIP 2009 R&D award recipients, the university-industry joint venture led by Rutgers’ Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT) is developing a set of technologies that in the future, will collectively provide a solution to bridge deck maintenance. “Automated Nondestructive Evaluation and Rehabilitation System (ANDERS) for Bridge Decks” will include human-operated and robotics systems that will arrest deterioration processes. TIP, a merit-based, competitive program addresses two broad areas of national interest, one being the practical application of advanced materials in manufacturing and the other being the monitoring or repair of major public infrastructure system, such as bridge, roads and highways, dams and levee repairs. With a projected $8.81 million dollar TIP contribution, Rutgers University, in its joint venture, will contribute significant work to bridge deck maintenance.

by Sayuri Khandavilli