Rutgers SOE Students Develop App


Engineering students develop innovative iPhone application for the Rutgers community


The prevalence of Apple products on campus has sky-rocketed since the introduction of the iPhone. The iPhone carries many special features, including the opportunity for each user to design a smart interface experience of their own through the selection of applications.

Recently, a group of undergraduate students of Rutgers University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering designed an iPhone application specifically geared to addressing the needs of Rutgers students and alumni. “We wanted to develop something that was cohesive and centralized to unify the decentralized Rutgers community,” said Team Lead, Kyle Sherman, when asked of the motive behind creating such an innovative application for the Rutgers community. “The iPhone application also has to be easy to use,” said Dan Carew, who was responsible for the design and usability of the project. “this is the first mobile application at Rutgers, we are adapting to modern technological needs,” added Dave Buchman, Project Manager for RU Lost.

Describing the RU Lost Application to be “mutually beneficial”, the development team agreed that the project’s success was reflective of their collective interest in their work. When asked of the future of the project, the team responded with enthusiasm. Ryan Hennessey, responsible for the data management aspect of the project, stated “We’re looking forward to the android version of the application to extend our experience to more than just the Apple community.”

“Anybody at this school, parents, alumni, visiting faculty, staff members, and students will find this application to be of use to them,” added Joe Morreale, the software engineer behind RU Lost.

“We miss things sometimes, our biggest selling point is that we’re open to ideas and comments,” said Sherman. The team hopes that development is directed through both their technical expertise and feedback from the Rutgers community.

The application was approved by Apple and is available for purchase through iTunes. Please follow the link below for more information and support the mobile revolution at Rutgers University! 

By: Sayuri Khandavilli

RULost Development Team Profile: