Rutgers Materials Science Department Spins Off One of Newsweek’s Top Ten Big Green Ideas!

Development of structural materials from recycled plastics blends at Rutgers University has led to a spinoff company, (Axion International), which was awarded one of Newsweek’s Top Ten Big Ideas in the October 18 issue of Newsweek Magazine.

The work, conducted in Materials Science and Engineering’s Advanced Polymer Center, has led to Intellectual Property that Rutgers has licensed to Axion. Working closely with University researchers, the New Providence, New Jersey company has developed several product lines of cost effective, yet degradation resistant I-beams, bridge decking, and railroad ties.

Axion has found a way to manufacture pilings, beams, and other building components from the special blends of recycled plastic developed at Rutgers. A high strength, high stiffness composite material, the U.S. Army has erected bridges for Abrams M1 tanks at Fort Bragg, NC and railroad bridges at Fort Eustis, VA from Axion’s beams.

The Rutgers Center was funded with a $5.5 million excellence grant from New Jersey’s Commission on Science and Technology, with additional funding through the University. Serving as Principal Investigator and Director of the Center are Professors Thomas J. Nosker and Richard L. Lehman, both of the Materials Science and Engineering Department. Axion International, was cited in a Newsweek story "10 Big Green Ideas"