Rutgers Formula Racing Rolls out with RFR10

Rutgers Formula Racing (RFR), a club at Rutgers University that gives students the opportunity to design and build a Formula “style” open-wheeled race car each year, celebrated its first roll out ceremony on April 18th, 2010 as RFR10 was launched in preparation for the international competition sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE International), formerly known as SAE. The official FSAE has now extended to include Australia, Brazil, Italy, UK and Germany. The Formula Division of SAE International (FSAE) is responsible for setting rules and guidelines for the prototype race car that would be evaluated as a “production” item for a fictional manufacturing company. The competition promotes interest in engineering and overall excellence in the many facets of the automotive industry including finances, marketing, manufacturing, testing, and design. While the active members of the RFR Club at Rutgers typically consists of engineering students that apply their classroom work to technical design and research, the club welcomes and encourages all Rutgers students, regardless of their majors, to participate in this exciting field. Offering opportunities from presentation work to training for all new members, the RFR truly embodies a rewarding experience for every student. RFR10 is sure to be a strong contender at the international competition on May 12th to the 15th in Michigan! FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE