NASA Internships Out of this World for SOE Students

Three seniors in the School of Engineering and Rutgers Honor College had the opportunity to intern at NASA centers around the country, working on projects ranging from lunar-orbit space stations to supersonic airplanes and 3D printing new materials:

Kaitlyn Welch: Aerospace engineering major, interned at Langley Research Center as a Gateway utilization analyst conducting data analysis related to the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, a proposed space station that would orbit around the moon. 

Michael Nitzsche: Majoring in mechanical engineering and computer science, interned at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, working on several projects involving supersonic airplanes and improving the energy efficiency of their engines by installing small holes on the surface of the plane to slow air resistance.   

Robert Randolph: Mechanical engineering major, interned with NASA for two consecutive summers, working on 3D printing materials such as adhesives and 3D printing capacitive sensors.

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