Gordonov, biomedical engineer receives Churchill Scholarship

Gordonov, biomedical engineering student with a perfect grade point average and strong athletic performance, receives prestigious Churchill Scholarship for graduate study at England’s University of Cambridge

Simon Gordonov, an outstanding leader and a member of the Rutgers cross-country and track and field team, moves into his senior year in biomedical engineering with a perfect grade point average. He recently won the Churchill Scholarship that awards students with exceptional academic achievement as well as extensive laboratory experience, internships and substantial independent work within their field of interest. In addition to his stellar academic performance, Gordonov has been a co-author for three academic journals, mentors high school students, and spread his passion for research by starting a research society that helps undergraduate students find research opportunities. Gordonov was also one of the 278 students awarded the 2009 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, named after the late Arizona senator that awards undergraduate students with commendable achievement in the scientific fields. Gordonov, the second Rutgers’ Churchill Scholar, will be attending Cambridge University for graduate study in Computational Biology. Gordonov plans on returning to the states to pursue an MD/PhD program in the years to come.

By: Sayuri Khandavilli