Dr. Mandayam Receives the Cherasia Faculty Scholar Award

Dr. Narayan Mandayam, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Director of WINLAB, has been selected to receive the Peter D. Cherasia Faculty Scholar Award. This award was established by Peter Cherasia, an Electrical and Computer Engineering alumnus, to offer faculty encouragement and support for their research and teaching in numerical methods, algorithm development, operating systems, and hardware in the definition and solution of financial problems. Professor Mandayam has been using in his research microeconomic theories based on notions of utility, pricing and incentive mechanisms to engineer radio resource allocation strategies for wireless data networks. He has made seminal contributions to the development of radio resource management algorithms using both cooperative and noncooperative game theory. In 2008, Professor Mandayam has also developed along with Professor Richard Frenkiel a multidisciplinary undergraduate course titled “Forces and Strategies that Shaped the Wireless Revolution” (Course #14:332:301). This course exposes undergraduate students from engineering, arts, usiness, economics, and humanities to strategic problems that emerge when companies and entrepreneurs set out to create successful new businesses.

Among the many prestigious recognitions his work has garnered, Professor Mandayam has received the Fred W. Ellersick Prize from the IEEE Communications Society and the NSF CAREER award. He is co-author along with C. Comaniciu and H. V. Poor of the book, Wireless Networks: Multiuse Detection in Cross-Layer Design. He was elected Fellow of the IEEE for “contributions to wireless data transmission”.