Dr. Doyle Knight receives NASA Administrator’s Certificate of Appreciation

Rutgers professor Doyle Knight will receive the rarely given NASA Administrator’s Certificate of Appreciation for Knight’s contributions to the space agency’s “Rockets Study.”

Knight, a professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, served on a NASA academic and industry team that examined the status of the U.S. rocket industry. The resulting study covered technology, costs, safety and reliability, environmental factors, and international trends in rocket propulsion. According to NASA, it will influence national policy and decisions for years to come.

Knight receives NASA award Knight will receive the award Wednesday (Sept. 14, 2011) from Ave Kludze, a senior NASA engineer and alumnus of the Rutgers School of Engineering.

Kludze wrote of the study, “This was one of the best but most challenging projects I have ever managed for the agency, and I was very glad to have someone of Professor Knight’s caliber on my team.”


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By Carl Blesch

Media Relations