Staying Active Doesn’t Stop After High School

I know I'm not the only one who struggles every now and then with staying active. Things were so organized in high school with the after school practices and designated times during gym classes to make sure we were getting some physical activity in. Stepping foot on campus brought a mix of emotions yet also a world of an opportunity. The freedom to manage your time however you like was something that I was really excited for. But, without that same structure that high school brought, it was a lot harder to schedule in times to be active.

Luckily, by meeting new people,new opportunities came to me. Old friends from high school got me involved in RAPS, Rutgers Association for Philippine Students. And although I am not Filipino, I met many people with similar interests such as basketball. My new friends got me to join an intramural basketball team through the Rutgers Intramural League. I spent one night a week playing the game I loved so much and brought me back to one of the highlights during my time in high school. Having those games to look forward to made all other aspects of schooling more manageable. The four gyms across campus offer so many opportunities for sports and clubs like rock climbing and water polo, so getting to enjoy them this way made me want to be involved even more. I returned my second year and played another intramural league with my brothers from my professional engineering fraternity, Theta Tau. 

Having fun while getting in physical activity consistently is exactly what made me feel like I was back in my element. After winning championships in those leagues I felt much more committed to staying in shape and invested more energy towards my health. Last summer I even made it a habit to go to the Rutgers gyms after my internships hours. The access to the gyms without restrictions is extremely clutch given how expensive some membership fees can be. Even now with virtual classes, the ability to reserve time in the gym during the pandemic helps so many off-campus students stay in shape. New Brunswick and other neighboring towns are also filled with parks and College Avenue serves as a great spot to run, especially at dawn. Some of my favorite memories will be the basketball games and progress I made in the gym throughout my four years. 

- Jesus ISE ‘21